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Recent Works

Featured Artist Show:
States of Consciousness

By Charles Riley


Runs through October 29, 2014

Art First Gallery

824 Caroline Street

Fredericksburg, VA




For this show, the focus is on the human condition and related states of mind.  With a background in literature as well as art, I wanted to incorporate words.  The works present not only images, but stories and clues related to the human condition and finding meaning in our lives. 

With my artwork, I explore where experience, literature and art merge. My artwork is about exploration, expression, creative freedom, growth, and the search for meaning and balance. Through a variety of media, I seek a balance between the mechanics of technology, nature, and what it is to be human. The expressive artwork combines literary and visual treasure from Eastern and Western Culture in a very human experience.


“WWII Wedding” is meant to reflect on the effects of time and memory as well as the continuation of life in the midst of war.

WWII Wedding

 32 W X 40 H

Acrylic On Canvas



“30 Years a Carpenter to Build a Whip” reflects on torture and misfortune overcome with the acceptance of the connectedness of all things.

30 Years a Carpenter to Build a Whip

34 W X 46 H

Acrylic Sawdust Thorns Sandpaper

On Wood



“Man’s Inhumanity to Man” deals with the sacrifice of love transcending cruelty.

 Man's Inhumanity

34 W X 42 H

Acrylic On Canvas




“Homer Recites the Last War” is a meditation on the ultimate end of war and the tragic loss of communication between people. 

Homer Recites Last War 

24 W X 40 H

Oil on Canvas




“Myth, Superstition, and Wonder” works on the line separating myth and superstition as well as the wonder engendered by the immensity of nature. 

 Myth, Superstition, and Wonder

36 W X 36 H

Acrylic Ink Watercolor Paper

On Canvas




“The Rise and Fall of Science Singularity” looks at the unintended consequences of new human challenges as well as benefits and hope of science.

Rise and Fall of Science Singularity

24 W X 52 H

Acrylic Ink Pastel Paper On Canvas



“Advance” points to the enduring meaning of symbols as they evolve over thousands of years, connecting mankind over time in a search for meaning.


24 W X 18 H

Oil On Canvas





“The Media Deluge” offers clues to the effects of media on the human consciousness and subsequent consequences for humanity. 

Media Deluge

30 W X 72 H

Acrylic Ink Pastel Paper On Canvas



“Rosetta Stone Of Communication Essence” illustrates the creative flexibility of language, the creative development of symbolic characters, the relationship of language to the alchemy of the mind, and the heroic search for harmony and balance in the midst of mental trials.

Rosetta Stone of Communication Essence

40 W X 44 H

Acrylic Oil Pastel Wax Card Stock

 on Canvas




“To Devo Or Not To Devo” illustrates the theory of devolution.  We start out at the top of an inverse pyramid.  According to the theory, we were more connected to nature in the ancient past.  The culture was an oral culture in which people like Homer played an important role because they could remember the history of the culture.  Also, people saw themselves as humble creatures in the face of an immense and threatening universe.  Then there was the manufacturing of trains, cars and planes.  We became very attached to cars and planes.  They took the place of human relationships.  Finally, we have the media deluge in which we are fighting to maintain our precarious sanity in a flood of informationa.  This is just a theory.

 To Devo or Not to Devo

70 W X 48 H

Acrylic On Canvas On Board




“Heroic Efforts” 2D Theory, 3D Missing Heart, Struggle for life, Centering:

Heroic Efforts

30 W X 30 H

Acrylic Oil Pastel Paper Canvas





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