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Recent Works
September 11 Meditation by Riley, Acrylic, Marble Dust, Toy Plane, Eviscerated Computer, phone, toy cars on Canvas, 58" X 50", price:  $1800
I lived in NYC for 15 years not far from the trade towers in The West Village and Chelsea.  Got married.  Moved to the Bronx; then Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Was working in DC when 9/11 and the slaugher of innocents occured.  My brother-in-law was doing business in a building next to one of the trade towers when the planes hit.  He had to walk home to Brooklyn in raining ash.  It's a sad human trait that we find pride and gain power through the demonizing and destruction of innocent people.  It's such a horrifying thought, that many people can't come to terms over it and try to rationalize their way around it.  I thought it appropriate to use a toy airplane because the hijackers remind me of children in a tantrum.  Perhaps they were absent a mother to console them when they were young or their fathers were too severe for them to become well rounded humans who can see all of humanity linked as one family with one world to share.  They saw people as insignificant and small like Borofsky shadows, targets of their bully terror.  Communication equipment, what connects, is  destroyed and without human connection.  Marble dust is a monument to death.  White and cold and empty with the sense of loss.  Trade, transportation, and related interconnection are a threat to isolation and private serfdoms.

9/11 Meditation


Rosetta Stone of Communication Essence, 45X40 inches acrylic painting and oil pastel calligraphy, price:  $2500. The artwork was a long process that had impetus when I took communication courses at Columbia University.  During the same period, I met a refuge from Communist China, Da Liu, who taught me Tai Chi and meditation, which I still practice and teach.  More recently, I read the four volumes of Taoist Classics collected and translated by Thomas Cleary.  The artwork is a distillation of these experiences. The artwork is a map to a flexible, open ended language. Extensible to accommodate the development of human awareness by means of a meditation on communication and consciousness.  Taoist philosophy uses symbols like the golden elixir for the development of states of consciousness.  In correspondence with this use of symbols, I wrote a story.  To complement the story, I developed pictographs in the tradition of the development of written language.  The pictographs were done first in black and white oil pastel on card stock and then color.  The card stock was coated and imbedded on canvas with acrylic gel.  Acrylic color was applied to areas of the canvas surrounding the card stock.  The colors were amorphous and flowing to enhance the connection that flows between written words, pictographs, and the unconscious reality or sea of unknowing which connects all things.  The story reads as indicated on cards: Two fly east through clouds and disruptive currents. Two sail with intent. Shipwreck, many souls are lost. Eaten by demons, they take the golden ship to heaven. Intent is transformed into the golden elixir of real knowledge & conscious knowledge in harmony. Creative Spirit is discerned in a survivor. The heart center is opened to reveal the connectedness of all things. Sea demons are tamed and expelled from consciousness. Reality of creative energy is revealed in the return to the primordial source. Birds fly over the Western Mountains in exultation of the triumph of sensitivity and resilient intent.

Rosetta Stone of Communicatin Essence 

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